Design and Development specialising

in high performance sportswear apparel.

Dannah design is a small creative studio, known for a meticulous approach of design.

The studio is defined as a creative partner for its main qualities: experience, perfectionism, open-minded spirit and ability to boost your brand, products and services.

The studio was set up by myself, Richard Dannah, about three years ago. I have worked as a designer in the outdoor and sportswear industry since 1993. starting my career in Blacks and Quaser football apparel, With a Masters Degree in Performance sportswear design and a Honours Degree in Fashion Marketing, mixed wth my exerience and knowledge I have a depth of Knowledge second to none. I am a award winning designer specialising in the product development of technical outerwear, apparel, gloves, tents and sleeping bags.



Providing clients with innovative, ethically & socially accurate design’s and innovations for all flexible fabric products.

Extensive product experience from sports apparel to cold water immersion suits and safety clothing.

Culturally relevant product direction by innovation led solutions.

21 Year’s of experience in all aspects of the creative process ~ across multiple industries ~ conception management & production.

Project management and timely execution of a measurable design process.

Strong focus on meshing technical product with a proven track record of advanced trend forecasting.

Innovative sustainable problem solving.

With careful choice for external experts who have integrated our philosophy, we are involved in each project, from the smallest to the most ambitious, from the reflection phase to the your final concept delivery.

If you would like to get in contact please try one of the following:

Tel +44 (0) 7900 21 11 21

Tel (+44 ) 0191 237 5372


This is where you will find a small selection of the projects I have worked on over the last few years.