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We offer a variety of services to our clients including


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Develop a product from concept to production within target costs


Research of colour, fabric technology and market trend.
Product range building.


Sustainable, Social and Ethical Design


Knowledge in sports science, needs of Athletes,
Experienced in Arctic Polar and High Altitude Clothing systems.


Proficient in Illustrator and Photo shop and other Cad programs

I have been in the outdoor industry for many years. I started as a sportswear designer in 1994. I have seen many changes in the industry and it never stops being very exciting. I am a technical Apparel designer. looking at construction, the Athlete and the conditions the athlete is in.
In the past years I have concentrated on high altitude mountaineering and light weight outdoor clothing, specifying the most advanced fabric to do the very best job.
My focus now is I would like to develop more clothing with the fit and movement being the focus, and using innovative ways of getting a great result. I have also a interest in sustainable clothing programs and how can we make better and friendlier clothing for us all.
Currently in development of my own outdoor clothing collection, using new development processes using the human body to produce ergonomic clothing which allow complete freedom of movement. This development has led to the creation of patents and extensive testing to produce something unique and works better.


Started clothing design


Years experience


Gone to market


New Ideas


What are our clients are saying about us?


Jason Dawes- Altura- Catgory development manager

If you are looking for a designer who is talented and aspiration in terms of materials and product developmed Richard is who you need to speak to. He always had time to explain to me the reasoning behind the fabrics and materials selected as well as the construction methods required to achieve products which are both visually stunning and from a retailers point of view exceptional value for the customer, He lead the development of the North Ridge own label clothing brand for Go Outdoors as well as Hi-gear and Freedom trails, his knowledge spans across almost all outdoor categories clothing,footwear, rucsacks and sleeping bags to name a few, you will have almost certainly come across one of his designs if you are into the outdoors without knowing it because most of his work has been for major UK brands or own label for high street companies. He would be my first choice of designer for any outdoor product designs required.

Louise Roe -Finance Manager.

Richard is an inspiration to work with, extremely knowledgable in design tecnique's and technical features, easily stepping into the shoes of the consumer to deliver cutting edge in design. I learned so much from Richard and would recommend him to any employer.


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Optimizing every area of your business!

From market research, design and prototyping to production and delivery, we cover it all.


To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.


The Founder

I am Richard Dannah MA. I have been a Outdoor Performance Sportswear Designer for about Twenty years, I say 'about' because the bug for designing outdoor clothing was a lot longer than that. In that time I have designed for the best and most proficient outdoor brands in the country, and climbed with some of the best climbers in the world. Producing what are now iconic garments and which are bench marks within the world of Outdoors and mountaineering, winning industry awards and countless Trade reviews around the world. Within that time I always wanted to make my own and set new standards for outdoor clothing. All that time running, cycling, climbing and generally an all round mountain goat.

I fostered my love for the outdoors through my family, who have a long history of the Outdoors, especially my mum who from the earliest age has pulled us through hedges, up hills and fording fast flowing rivers in the winter months I may add, all in the passion of getting a great walk, climb or just to pick crab apples. I come from Scotland, most of my childhood spent in the hills and mountains of the Scottish borders and Highlands of Scotland. My childhood was filled with the outdoors as a normal part of the day, it brought excitement and a thrill that I wanted to carry into the rest of my life, I spent time with the Army in the Scottish border regiment KOSB, which only fermented my passion to design better outdoor clothing.

I set about finding a career which involved the outdoors and my other love design, I studied hard and continued to study a Masters in Performance Sportswear design.  The masters was and is like being part of a possy of rebellious designers within the sportswear Industry wanting change, great design and sustainability to be part of everything we do.  This posy is still out there causing trouble and bringing change.  This masters possy ever since and has been a beacon of excellence and always the first to question,  demand the best and expect it of their fellow members. (You know who you are!)

I now live in Northumberland  with my family, where all our garments are fully tested.

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